What does it all mean?

An outline of requirements
when you set up a company.

1. What is the Company to be called?
Certain names are not permitted.
2. What is the share capital to be?
A company's authorised share capital is the limit on the number and value of shares that the directors are allowed to issue.
3. Who are to be the first directors?
Should you appoint a company secretary?
4. Who are the shareholders?
5. What memorandum and articles of association are to be used?
The memorandum covers, in the main, a company's external dealings. It is usual nowadays for the main objects to allow the company to carry on any business. The articles cover, in the main, a company's internal dealings including the authority of the directors.
6. What is the address of the registered office?
This is the place where certain statutory registers are held and the address upon which legal notices are served.
7. Certain forms have to be completed and filed with the registrar of companies.

Upon receipt of payment of our automatic invoice sent to you, we will take the steps necessary to establish your company.

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